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Will depression corrode a relationship with ones self, but with his or her loved ones and business contacts too.

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Typically the dog will show some of the following common symptoms - lethargy loss of appetite weight loss, due to refusing to take food loss of interests in play activity withdrawal from people clinging to owner restlessness again, as with humans, dogs can experience depressive symptoms for a whole host of reasons, however, depression is usually a reaction to a stressful event, or a imbalance in the dogs neuro chemical make up, usually referred to as clinical depression.

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Options in treating depressionauthor - robert william locke there are lots of options in treating depression but there is no guarantee that they will work! We now know that millions of depressed patients take medicines which relieve their symptoms and never get to the root cause of the depression.

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About the author-graeme cowan battled devastating depression himself before writing back from the brink and back from the brink too.